Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sun-Gard Films?

How do Sun-Gard Films work?

How is Sun-Gard Window Film applied?

Which Sun-Gard Automotive Window Film is right for me?

Which Sun-Gard Architectural Window Film is right for me?

Do Sun-Gard films offer any security benefits?

How do I maintain window film after it is installed?

Can I install Sun-Gard film myself on my home or business property?


How long does it take for Sun-Gard Window Film to dry?

How long will Sun-Gard Solar Control Window Film last?

Will Sun-Gard Film kill my house plants?

Will Sun-Gard Film cause glass to break?

How Much UV Protection Will Sun-Gard Solar Control Film Provide?

What energy savings can I expect from installing solar control film?

Where can I buy Sun-Gard Film?

Are Sun-Gard Films manufactured in the U.S.?